About A Buckaroo Home

Hey ya’ll!  Thanks for checking out A Buckaroo Home!

You guessed it- I’m a buckaroo’s gal, there are days that I get to be working beside my buckaroo and then there are days that I support him from home. In high school my mother told me I could listen to ANY kind of music BUT COUNTRY. Well that instantly made the choice in my teenage mind.

SO what is a teenager to do? Embrace it all. High school was full of  rodeos, music,  bon-fire hang outs, early mornings in the barn, sweaty horse blankets, solid time in the saddle. I fell in love with everything about it. By senior year I knew that I wanted this lifestyle forever!

After college and a handful of ups and downs I was lucky enough to find my buckaroo! He is a hard working man that gets to do the thing he loves the most every day- RANCH.  I love it almost as much as he does. (I say almost because I don’t know that there is anyone that loves living in the middle of nowhere and spending all their time with horses, dogs, and cows as much as he does!).

We have five kids that enjoy ranching with us.  Some of the first words they ever spoke were “horse”, “dog”, and “cow”.  Dad usually has to sneak out of the house to avoid the heartbreak of two of the five, when they are told they can’t go, two are content to hang at home, and the baby is just to young to know the difference.

I’ve learned that I am passionate about sharing the ranch nearly as much as I am about living it. I love to share stories of our life on the ranch, recipes, gardening tips, all things homesteady ( self sufficiency).

So whenever I get the chance I load up kids, grab my camera and head on out for an adventure on the ranch with my buckaroo.