The Buckaroo–  If you asked The Buckaroo what his goal in life was he would tell you it would be to be living and making it at our own ranch.  All he has ever wanted to do is ranch and cowboy.  He can be happy doing the most physical work in the roughest conditions if it’s just him, his horse, and his dog. He wants to see our way of life adapt and continue with our children eventually stepping into our shoes, ( just better off than we have been)

The Buckaroo’s Gal–  Obviously, that’s me!  I grew up on a walnut farm in northern California and loved almost every minute of it. When I went off to college I told my parents that I would settle down with a cowboy some day and their reply was that I shouldn’t set my heart on it. After two kids and a failed marriage, I finally found my cowboy in The Buckaroo.  It’s our goal to have a stake in something of our own to leave to our kiddos.

… The Buckaroo’s Sidekicks– We are a blended family so we have a full house of sidekicks, here is the run down (ages range from 16 to just 2 months old!):

LouBug : The oldest girl, a true cowgirl at heart, she would rather go to work with The Buckaroo than go to school. She enjoys anytime she can get doing ranch work, but also loves to hang out with her friends when time permits. She is very busy with FFA, Cheerleading, track and school. Looking ahead another year to getting out on her own after graduation, working on her Ag Business Degree, and becoming a flight attendant.

Double D : The oldest boy, that much to our chagrin isn’t interested in ranching all that much. He enjoys driving the tractors and other equipment, but his heart truly lies in electronics. He is extremely interested in becoming a programmer or  all things computer gaming related. Getting ready to start his high school career next fall, and thinking of sports, and trade schools.

… Sis : Our other girl, she lives with her mom a couple hours away from us. When she is with us she enjoys riding the four wheeler, hanging with her bonus sister and brother, and playing video games. She and Double D geek out together for hours and hours. Sis stays busy with swim team and going on cool adventures with her mom. I’m looking forward to seeing what the end of middle school holds in store for her.

… HalfPint :   Is just growing into his cowboy boots. He loves to go ride in the tractor with The Buckaroo, or pitch hay to the critters. Basically just to be able to GO with daddy. His days at home with momma are full of toy trains, building blocks, match box cars, and being momma’s helper with the chores.

… BuckSnort : is the newest addition to our herd. Just over two months old, his time with us is just starting… He’s got plenty of boots to try and fill as he grows.