I always have to chuckle when this time of year comes around, most of my daughter’s friends start talking about prom , and dresses, hair, shoes, nails and what not.  But my daughter is thinking about branding, and spring turn out! The last three years we have had brandings on the same day as prom. And yes Lou-Bug has gone to prom all three years! Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years!!!!

So after a couple weeks of dress shopping, the morning of prom arrives and instead of worrying about her hair and make-up, she’s thinking about catching her horse and branding food! We head out to the branding, and we do a days hard work, and have SO much fun. Good times, laughter, friendship and excellent food, then we turn around and zip back into town and Lou-Bug gets ready for prom.


In two hours she can transform herself from a grubby branding urchin to a beautiful young lady. She never fails to amaze me at her transformations from tomboy to lady! Then she and her date and their friends go out to pre-Prom dinner, and while the other girls are eating salad or a light meal, there’s my girl chowing down on a steak and all the fixings.

I love the fact that she has the self confidence to be true to herself even when playing Cinderella for the night. This year when she and her friends went dress shopping Lou-Bug was lucky enough to get a dress off the rack and she looked stunning in it, but her first words to me where, ” Momma there’s room in this dress for me to EAT!!!”

Freshman year we found a dress on line that was beautiful and age appropriate for a 14 year old. But when it got here, it was WAY to big, took it to get altered and the seamstress did an ok job, but it was still to large in the bust and to long. Lou-Bug still looked so pretty tho, and had a fantastic time!

Sophomore year she found her dream dress on line again, only this time we sent in custom measurements so that it could be made to fit. Thank Goodness we ordered it 2 months early! It took a month to get here, and then it still NEEDED altered! After giving the company detailed measurements she couldn’t get it up past her bum! So off to the seamstress we went again. The seamstress was able to fix it and it fit her beautifully! Day of prom rolls around and she gets ready…. HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM… while yes her beautiful dress fit her, she couldn’t sit down in it!!! We improvised a little but she pretty much had to stand all night!

This year we went shopping with a couple of her friends, and she found one that fit, she could sit in, and had room for her to eat a good dinner. These are now her criteria for all dresses! She and her friends where stunning. I also love the fact that this year she took her best friend who had moved away as her date. They had so much fun.

As I look towards next years prom I am a little sad, she will be a senior, last prom dress for me, BUT Double D is a freshman so I’ll have a couple more proms to deal with, then there are the littles, once they eventually get into high school…..